Monday, March 22, 2010

Bucket List

In no apparent order here's a list of what I'd like to do:

  • fly in a hot air balloon
  • drive across the USA
  • pay for someone's groceries
  • watch how a movie/tv show is filmed
  • be a contestant on the Amazing Race
  • learn to dance
  • adopt at least 1 child
  • wear a bikini
  • live in another state
  • tailgate at a football game
  • spend an entire day at a movie theater
  • fall in love
  • attend a Superbowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, or NBA Finals game
  • learn how to stop on ice skates
  • go on a shopping spree
  • fly in a helicopter
  • attend the Olympics
  • see a Broadway show in New York
  • ride a gondola in Italy
  • go to karaoke and sing a song
  • ride a zip line
  • be an extra in a film
  • buy a home
  • ride one of those 4 people bikes
  • learn how to water ski
  • sleep on the beach under the stars
  • travel (too many places to list)
  • eat junk food for an entire day
  • date a professional athlete
  • ride a dune buggy
There are more things on my list but those can't be shared, not appropriate for all to know...!

Some things that I've already accomplished on my bucket list:

  • delivered a baby
  • went parasailing
  • took a vacation by myself
  • went on a mission trip
  • swam in the ocean
  • paid for people's tolls
  • went skinny dipping
  • hiked up a small mountain
  • threw a successful surprise party
  • went on a sailboat
  • took cooking classes in France

Saturday, January 02, 2010

the decade in review

First of all, I do have to admit that I LOVE to review each year and see where I was, what happened, did change occur, did I grow....all that fun stuff.

This past decade was a pretty big deal in my life, but I trust that the next decade will have even more amazing things in store. So here's my thoughts as I process my journey.

Lots of change happened because I graduated from college. I landed on a church after searching for a while and developed some really close friends that'll last a lifetime. Dear friends got married, including my first wedding where I was a bridesmaid (and this girl and I are inseparable)! I started nannying for a family that have now become my family. I also met a pretty amazing chica while doing some subbing and my life will never be the same without her.

Went on 2 mission trips to Haiti and Jamaica. Traveled the Caribbean, Florida, Arizona, Boston, Puerto Rico, Atlanta, Vegas, France, and an unforgettable road trip to California.

I graduated from college and jumped into my passion and dream, teaching. I temporarily took a break to pursue my other interest in cooking and baking. I was stretched beyond measure in the restaurant world but wouldn't trade it for anything! Being jobless for 3 years and hopping from one odd job to the next. Oh and I began my cupcake business that is refreshing for me since I can be creative and bring enjoyment to people with those little desserts.

There's been heartache too. Three grandparents passing away and watching one live a depressing and unsatisying life. A dream of mine to move to California, shattered. Hopes and desires that I have, not met...yet! Lots of questioning the direction of my life and sometimes wondering where God was in all of it.

Oh there are so many small things that I could mention but I'd be here forever. What about the White Sox winning the World fun.

Despite the many highs and lows, I'm thankful for all that I've gone through because it is shaping the Gina of today.