Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I wish I knew the special concoction to make my hair grow longer. I feel like it has been at this length for ages. I have heard the jello idea and the one where you are to massage the scalp for hours, but nothing seems to work.

Any other ideas?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Throw down with Gina G

So how many of you have seen the show "Throw Down with Bobby Flay" on the Food Network?

Last night I was challenged to do a cupcake throw down. There was an 11 year old girl who was having her friends sleepover for her birthday party. The main event of the evening was a cupcake competition, they were going to make a batch of cupcakes and I was going to.

So we introduced ourselves, shook hands, and the battle was on. It was really fun to do this. The girls were so into making theirs the best. The kitchen was a disaster too! After we both had finished baking, cooking, and decorating the cupcakes there were judges there to tally it up.

In the end I think I won. By that time the girls were more interested in learning how to use my pastry bag and make cupcakes look presentable. And of course eating them was on the forefront of everyone's mind.

Good times, good time!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Welcome to Miami!!!

HELL YEAH!!!!!! The Bears are in the Supberbowl! This is great. The game today was unbelievable to watch. I loved every second of it, even during that rough end of the 2nd quarter.

Superbowl Sunday is going to be insane. I don't think I can wait for 2 weeks!

And you better believe that my little first graders are going to be partying the week leading up to the Superbowl! Oh yeah!!!

GO BEARS! We are the bears, shufflin' through.......

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Da Bears

I am so excited for the Bears! The game this past Sunday was so exciting and nerve racking!

I attempted to get tickets today for the game against the Saints, but had no luck! I hope those players are getting psyched up because I sure am.

When the Bears get to the Superbowl, do you think they will come up with another Superbowl shuffle? What other football team has ever made such a cool song?

Bear down Chicago Bears!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Monday made me happy

Wahooooo...it's snowing!

I had the day off and enjoyed some good shopping.

24 started and wow was it amazing, shocking, intense, and I can't wait for next week.

And "The Hills" started again.

Some highlights of my weekend:
-after spending Saturday at my brother's bb tournament, they walked away with the trophey

-a new cell phone

-a totally yummy dessert party I helped throw and attend

-time to relax and enjoy life

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Recap of 1st week

I loved every bit of this week! Teaching was so fun and the kids were great!

My hip hop class started. I was so lost, uncoordinated, a bit behind, but the class is a blast and I can't wait for next weeks.

The Bulls game was enjoyable to go to as always, it just seemed like the Bulls weren't playing up to their abilities. And what was up with all the Elvis impersonators, the girl Elvis weirded me out the most!

Laughter: I was reviewing compound words with the students. I would give them clues like: I am an old woman, I have children who have children, I may live in a nursing home...who am I. As I was waiting to hear grandmother, one kid shouts out "old lady, that is what my dad calls my mom" as he chuckles. As I burst out laughing with the other kids, this made me a bit sad too, but I still found it funny.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


My first day of teaching went great and boy did it fly by. The kids were wonderful, they were happy to see me and were super helpful. I am looking forward to really getting to know each one of them and just showering them with love.

I was overwhelmed and so thankful for all of you who called, e-mailed, sent cards, or thought about me today. I felt so blessed and cared for, so thanks again. You guys rock!!!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

The Day is Finally Here...

Tomorrow I begin teaching. Wahooo! This is very exciting and yet a little nerve racking. On one hand the kids are going to be great and I can already picture some blog entries retelling funny stories or funny things these 1st graders said. Yet on the other hand these first few days will be a little bumpy just getting adjusted to the curriculum, routine, and the kids, and then hopefully I will be on my way.

Watch out education world, cuz here I come!!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Years Resolutions

I am not big on resolutions. I like the whole idea of a new year, a fresh beginning, and new experiences.

So my list is not one of resolutions but of some of the things I want to do or accomplish. Some of these are based on what I didn't do in 2006 that I should have.

-go on a mission trip
-take a hip hop class
-make a new friend
-decide if teaching is where I need to be
-go on a vacation
-be more consistent with working out
-purchase more music for my ipod
-attend a concert
-communicate my feelings better
-try new restaurants

That is all for now, I am sure I will add a few more as the year goes on.