Friday, March 20, 2009


I had the amazing privilege to attend the Conspire Conference. It is a children's conference that attracts people from all around the world to unite, connect, and inspire.

I encourage and challenge you to check out which is the website and you can find live blogging that is going on during and after sessions and breakouts.

One of the speakers I heard today was Larry Shallenberger. He spoke on the area of volunteers in your children's ministry. Here are his 3 main points that I found intriguing.

1. We need to change who we are recruiting.

Application: Instead of going after "moms" we need to recruit retiring boomers and Generation Y people.

2. Volunteers are facing overwhelming economic pressure.

Application: Help them overcome this hopelessness by providing purpose in influencing children's lives. Provide opportunities for people to donate their skills instead of money.

3. There is no universal platform for communication with volunteers.

Application: Know the best way to communicate effectively with each of your volunteers, is it a text message? an email? a phone call? a facebook message?

I love when you are stretched and challenged to think creatively and differently to improve your children's ministry!

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